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Things to Know

There’s nothing I’m going to put here that I’m sure anybody wouldn’t be able to access elsewhere. After all, this is the golden age of internet stalking.

Gender: XY

Age: Old enough to be of no interest to pederasts, not old enough for anyone to take me seriously

Hometown: Masshole, born and raised

Education: Book learning is hard

Interests: Politics, video games, movies, writing, and being a smartass

About This Blog

It’s a blog about politics, video games, movies, writing, and being a smartass. I find the world to be a ridiculous place. Everything about it; the people in it, the things they do, the food they eat, the clothes they wear. It’s all just too crazy not to write about it and point out to everyone. You look around the city, take in all the people bustling about, and you can’t help but sit back and take it all in. Of course all of that information needs a place to be processed and this isthat place. It’ll have movie reviews, true-life anecdotes, thoughts on the world at large, and all the things that make a 24 year old American male’s life the glorious experience it is. Trust me, it’s gonna be good.

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